Good Night Pack - THink Aesthetics
Good Night Pack - THink Aesthetics
Good Night Pack - THink Aesthetics

Good Night Pack

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Step up your night time routine with the 'Good Night' Pack! 

Cleanse with your favourite cleaner (we recommend using our luminous skin duo), then sit back and relax with the mask of your choice for 5 - 10 minutes. Massage the excess into the skin and gently remove with warm water, follow up with your Ultra A Perfecting Serum and hit the hay (well, silk) on your 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase. Experience silk's benefits with reduced moisture loss from your skin (& hair!), improved radiance and most of all, no pillow lines on your face after a long snooze. Have a true 'good night' feeling fresh faced and sleeping on silk. 

Haven't tried an Ultraceuticals mask before? Here's a guide:

Ultra Clear Purifying Mask is perfect for congested skin.
Ultra Replenishing Mask is perfect for dehydrated skin.
Ultra Energising Mask is perfect for dull & fatigued skin.

Use 2 or 3 times a week. For best results, apply a thick layer on both the face and neck.

Pack Includes:

  • Ultraceuticals Mask - your choice of:
    Ultra Clear Purifying Mask (RRP $78)
    Ultra Replenishing Mask (RRP $78)
    Ultra Energising Mask (RRP $78)
  • Ultra A Perfecting Serum Mild (RRP $118)
  • Goodnight Co. Pillowcase in Charcoal

Get the pack for only $225 and SAVE $56 (RRP $281).