RPL SHB50321 Diploma of Cosmetic Tattooing

The Diploma of Cosmetic Tattoo (SHB50321) is a recognised diploma level qualification for the Cosmetic Tattoo industry. The course is structured to equip students with the necessary tools to perform safe and well-informed Cosmetic Tattoo treatments.

The course requires student to complete 9 units of competency, with the option to choose your treatment specialisation. Earn your very own Diploma of Cosmetic Tattooing and specialise in up to 3 treatments - choose from: Brows, Lips, Eyeliner, Scalp Micropigmentation and Breast Areola.

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The most comprehensive cosmetic tattoo education available

The Diploma of Cosmetic Tattooing allows for flexible learning pathways, that provide tailored learning experiences for students looking to truly learn the art and science of cosmetic tattooing.

You can specialise in up to three treatment areas as a part of the Diploma.

3 Specialisations


2 Specialisations


1 Specialisation


Learn more about the units and structure of the Diploma of Cosmetic Tattooing below.
Step 1

Core Units

The core units are required learning for the Diploma of Cosmetic Tattooing, offering in-depth learning and insights into the foundations of cosmetic tattooing: skin, hair, colour theory, pigments, design and client consultation.

Step 2

Infection Control

Students must pick one of the approved infection control units as a part of their Diploma of Cosmetic Tattooing. It is recommend students complete HLTINF005 (this is a legal requirement in QLD, and preferred in most other states and territories in Australia). RPL is available to upgrade eligible superseded qualifications.

Step 3

Treatment Units

As a part of the Diploma of Cosmetic Tattooing, you can specialise in up to three treatment areas: Brows, Lips, Eyeliner, Scalp Micropigmentation or Breast Areola. Your treatment electives provides in depth training on specific treatments, completing 6 model clients in each area as a part of your training one-on-one with your trainer.

Also to be completed prior to your practical training dates are your Treatment Theory Modules and a Technique Development day. These are designed to further develop your knowledge and skills prior to working on clients.

Step 4

Business Units

Business is such a crucial part of cosmetic tattooing - understanding finances, operating social media, marketing your new venture, or even running a business. The Diploma of Cosmetic Tattooing incorporates business electives that provide valuable knowledge, that draws on our insights from almost 10 years in the cosmetic tattoo industry.

The Diploma of Cosmetic Tattooing involves 4 electives across treatments and business (one from each category is required). For example, opting for three treatment electives (e.g. brows, lips, eyeliner), leaves you with one business elective to complete.

Explore the units

The Diploma of Cosmetic Tattooing provides a range of opportunities with flexible learning pathways. If you'd like to learn more about the diploma, please visit our about SHB50321 page.

If you would like to get personalised course information, please fill our registration of interest form.

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