THink Aesthetics

Our Story

An insight into how the business started and grew to what it is today! Let's dive into some key milestones that have lead THink to becoming the industry leading Registered Training Orgnisation it has come to be.

First things first

We're a family run business!

If you didn't know, THink Aesthetics is a family run business! There are 3 generations and 5 of the family members currently work in the business and every family member has a different background (beauty, occupational therapy, chemistry, town planning and IT!).

At THink we truly believe that being a family run business has kept our values strong and enabled us to create the amazing fun and supportive atmosphere that is THink Aesthetics.

January 2015

THink Enhanced Beauty

THink Enhanced Beauty was started by Janice and run with the help of Liz & Chalatice (3 generations!). The team sets up shop in The Gap, Queensland and begins providing treatments & training.

October 2015

THink Aesthetics Pty Ltd

We say goodbye to THink Enhanced Beauty, and hello is THink Aesthetics! Rob (Liz's husband) joins the team and things start getting serious as the business gets ready to expand. THink Aesthetics Pty Ltd is formed!

December 2015

MBC Cosmetic Tattoo

THink Aesthetics purchases the cosmetic tattoo supplies business Maquarie Beauty Center and re-brands to MBC Cosmetic Tattoo. The business moves from Port Maquarie, NSW up to Brisbane, QLD.

March 2017

WPMC in China

THink Aesthetics is invited to present at the World Permanent Makeup Conference in China! Janice and Liz take a trip to China to present, speaking about Scalp Micropigmentation.

June 2017

Registered Training Organistion 45188

After an amazing effort and extreme dedication from the team, it's made official! THink Aesthetics is the 1st Registered Training Organisation dedicated to cosmetic tattoo in Australia. We begin offering registered training for Cosmetic Tattoo & Infection Control.

October 2018

THink MBC Supplies

Keeping true to MBC's roots, MBC Cosmetic Tattoo becomes THink MBC Supplies. A small change, but a long time coming!

January 2022

Diploma of Cosmetic Tattooing

It's official! The Diploma of Cosmetic Tattoo is passed and becomes an official qualification for the Cosmetic Tattoo Industry! With 18 months of preparation, THink Aesthetics begins to get ready to launch, taking registrations of interest for the course.

March 2022

Launch of 1st Diploma Unit

The first unit in the THink Aesthetics course structure, SHBBSSC004 Identify the Function and Structure of Skin and Hair for Cosmetic Tattooing, is released! THink begins enrolling students into the Diploma of Cosmetic Tattooing course, being the first to publically offer enrollment.

We're come a long way, and will continue to grow.

If you've made it this far, we hoped you enjoyed getting to know a bit more about our journey to becoming THink Aesthetics, the Registered Training Organisation (45188) you know today! We've skipped over a fair few things along the way - from beauty expos, to international training, to awards nights and so many more things... It's been a journey and we can't wait to see what comes next, particularly with 2022 bringing the new Diploma of Cosmetic Tattooing (SHB50321).