Infection Control for Cosmetic Tattooing

Which infection control certification do I need for cosmetic tattooing?

In Australia, the specific infection control requirements for cosmetic tattooing may vary by state or territory. However, the general standard is that all cosmetic tattoo practitioners should have completed a course in infection control that meets the minimum requirements set out by the Australian government. There are currently two recommended courses:

Both HLTINF005 and SHBBINF002 cover all necessary aspects of infection control for cosmetic tattooing. It's best to check with your local health authority to determine what specific infection control course is required for cosmetic tattooing in your area.

Infection Control photo series showing hands being washed under running water, hands putting on gloves, and a cosmetic tattoo handtool being disposed into a sharps container

What is the difference between HLTINF005 and SHBBINF002?

Both HLTINF005 and SHBBINF002 are units of competency related to infection control for personal services settings. However, HLTINF005 is a nationally recognised training course that focuses specifically on infection control for skin penetration treatments, such as those used in cosmetic tattooing, whereas SHBBINF002 is a unit of competency for infection control in beauty therapy and nail services.

While the two courses are very similar, HLTINF005 is considered to be the more relevant and comprehensive qualification for cosmetic tattooing, as it specifically addresses the risks and hazards associated with skin penetration procedures.

At THink Aesthetics we highly recommend checking with your local council which Infection Control qualification you require for the services you offer as they will be able to provide the most accurate information.

How do I check what my local council is and what infection control they require?

To check the specific infection control requirements for cosmetic tattooing in your area, you can start by researching your local council's regulations and requirements. Most councils have a website that outlines the specific laws and guidelines governing personal services establishments, including cosmetic tattooing. You can search for your local council's website or contact them directly to obtain more information.

Simply search "What council is my suburb, state in", replacing my suburb with where your business will be operating out of, and state with your state.

For example, if you were to ask "What council is The Gap, QLD in", you would learn that The Gap falls under the jurisdiction of the Brisbane City Council. With this knowledge, you can then contact the council to obtain more information on the infection control requirements that apply to cosmetic tattooing businesses in that area.

I have been told I need SHBBINF001, which course do I do?

If you have been told that you need to complete the SHBBINF001 course, it's important to note that this unit of competency has been superseded by SHBBINF002 as of December 2021.

Superseded, in the context of accredited training in Australia, means that a newer version of the training course has been introduced. The Australian Skills Quality Authority states "If a qualification is superseded or discontinued, this is a clear indication that industry needs have changed and the previous qualification is no longer the most suitable." Therefore, it's essential to ensure that you complete the most up-to-date course to comply with current industry standards and regulations.

If you currently hold a SHBBINF001 certificate you can apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) to upgrade to SHBBINF002. Please contact our team, and we will be able to assist you with the RPL process to do so.