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THink MBC Cosmetic Tattoo Supplies is your go-to supplier for world leading cosmetic tattoo supplies.

As the exclusive distributor in Australia & New Zealand for world-renowned brands like Nouveau Contour, Karen Betts, Biotouch, and Dermatude, we provide our customers with the most advanced and innovative digital cosmetic tattoo machines, pigments, and skincare products available in the industry.

Our range of award-winning products is carefully curated to ensure that our clients have access to the highest quality supplies to ensure safe, quality treatments for their clients.

THink Aesthetics x THink MBC Supplies

In December of 2015, THink Aesthetics aquired the leading cosmetic tattoo supplies business Maquarie Beauty Center.

The business was relocated from Port Maquarie, NSW to Brisbane, QLD and rebranded to MBC Cosmetic Tattoo Supplies. Later again, transforming into THink MBC Supplies in 2018.

THink MBC has maintained exclusive distributorship of world-leading cosmetic tattoo brands such as Nouveau Contour and K.B Pro since their introduction in the Australian market.

At THink Aesthetics are proud to delivery quality training that carries through with quality supplies.

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THink Pigment Remover

Changing the face of removal with THink Pigment Remover!

When we couldn't find a removal solution that worked.. we decided to make our own! Years of researh, development and testing brought us to the award-winning performance of THink Pigment Remover.

In 2022, THink Pigment Remover was used by the top 3 removal technicians in the Cosmetic Tattoo Removal category at the Australian ABACTA awards.

We are so proud to see the life changing results from technicians around the globe using THink Pigment Remover.

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