Facial Cleansing Brush - THink Aesthetics
Facial Cleansing Brush - THink Aesthetics
Facial Cleansing Brush - THink Aesthetics

Facial Cleansing Brush

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Your skin's new best friend! Pair your favourite daily cleanser with the Srocker Facial Cleansing Brush and experience cleaner and smoother glowing skin.

The silicone bristles on the brush exfoliate the skin, removing dirt and oil without the abrasiveness of a gritty exfoliant! The zoned bristles, paired with the pulsating technology in the brush, stimulate the skin to promote visibly more radiant skin AND smoother skin. Experience the benefits of clearer skin and get more out of your skincare, with products being able to absorb into the skin easier! It's a win-win really.

An extra tap on the power button and  you'll find where the Srocker Facial Cleansing Brush really shines - it's a mini at home LED Light Therapy treatment! Target acne with blue, pigmentation with orange and promote healing and anti-ageing with red.

A little bit on how it works....

The colour BLUE eliminates acne causing bacteria making it the perfect at home treatment for spots and blemishes!

The colour ORANGE promotes the production of red blood cells, working to reduce skin pigmentation, heal scars and boost skin radiance!

The colour RED has a deeper penetrating wavelength and creates more cellular energy, which is why we can see benefits such as anti-ageing, healing wounds or sun damage and treating skin conditions such as rosacea!